This year marked another phenomenal CFS/SPF Annual Conference! Charged by this year’s conference theme, “Lead Forward!” more than 550 attendees were educated, inspired, and motivated to lead their

business, coworkers, and clients into a bigger and better future. With four impressive keynote speakers, 60 educational breakout sessions, and more than 40 exhibitors, the conference showcased some of the best minds in the investment services industry.

Here are some of the top takeaways from our 2015 conference.

  • 200+ Keynote Minutes
  • 3,840 Breakout Minutes
  • 42 Exhibitors
  • 660 Networking Minutes
  • $6,100 Dollars Raised for the Wounded Warrior Project

Top Takeaways The takeaways shared most often were drawn from our keynote speakers, executive sessions, and panel discussions.

Focus on Three Things

Monday’s keynote speaker and performance coach Joe Calloway advised attendees to choose the three most important things to focus on. Whether it’s the top three things we learn at the conference and commit to tackle, or it’s the top three things we want clients to say about our business: Calloway says to pick just three. That helps you focus your efforts and makes all the difference in your momentum.

Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? 

This was another gem from Joe Calloway that really resonated with attendees. He gave the example of a competitive rowing team that made every decision based on “will it make the boat go faster?” In our business, we need to decide on our goal (or our top three things above), and for every decision we make, we should ask – will it help me achieve my goal? 

Less is More 

Executive attendees and those who joined the panel discussions got on board with the “less is more” concept for the size of advisors’ books of business. Reviewing eye-opening numbers and hearing the first-hand experience of top programs showed how a reduction in book size can often result in tremendous production growth. More programs are experiencing the benefits of our customized production studies and AUM analyses, and are proving the “less is more” concept. 

Expand Tech Usage

Thanks to some great sessions by our technology team, the always-helpful dataVISION lounge, and some shout outs from top advisors, conference attendees are ready to dive in to some of our new technology tools. Numerous teams touted the efficiencies of the mobile app for transmitting client documents. In addition, during a top rep panel, 3-time Gold Pacesetter Sam C. said “Incorporating the new profiling tool BuildMyProfile™ is at the top of the list for when we get back!” These leaders, and all those who aspire to be leaders, take the technology and run with it.

What If?

Wednesday’s hilarious and motivational speaker (and guitar virtuoso) Mike Rayburn challenged us to ask the question, “what if?” What IF we could achieve that crazy goal? He reminded attendees to stop settling for mediocre and ask themselves what would it take to become the best. Rayburn suggested people write down the sentence starter, “I know this is crazy but…” and finish the sentence with something bold! Then he recommended taking 10 minutes to write some ideas on how to take action on the commitment. Attendees loved his creative weaving of songs and song-styles, but were especially motivated by his challenge. It got us all asking, “What IF?”

There were so many fantastic takeaways from the conference, and we hope all of our attendees got a lot of value out of it. Please plan on joining us next year! Save the date: August 7-10, 2016 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego! 

Click here to download a printable PDF of the top takeaways.

By CFS Blog Team