Our CFS/ SPF 2014 CEO & Executive Conference was a great success. We had more than 35 executives attend this “master class” seminar focused on driving exponential awareness and growth for investment programs within financial institutions. There were presentations from CFS and SPF leaders, enlightening panel discussions, frequent networking opportunities, engaging keynote speakers and much more. Sessions of particular interest included the recurring revenue model, product mix comparisons, how and when to move advisors out of the branch, and panel discussions from top performing programs. We hope all attendees came away with a better understanding of what is needed to achieve meaningful growth and how CFS and SPF can help. Check out our top 5 takeaways to learn more. Download the PDF.


#1 Compare your program to benchmarks
Regularly review your program’s metrics as compared to benchmarks to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and to focus your efforts.

#2 Drive growth with innovation
Do these seven things to drive growth through innovation: Solve the right problems; Think bigger, earlier; Innovate beyond new products; Listen with your eyes; Let them own the plate; Be resilient; Provide constraints for your team.

#3 Learn from your peers
Executives at many different sized programs have overcome challenges similar to yours. Network with and learn from peers who have been in your position to better choose the right tactics and tools to achieve your own success.

#4 Know when to move your advisors
Encourage your advisors to reduce their dependence on branch referrals and to plan their strategies for growth beyond the branch into stand-alone offices.

#5 You can do more
Support the incorporation of goals, hold staff at all levels accountable, and drive home the importance of investments to members and clients. There are many great ways CEOs can grow their programs, and many ways CFS and SPF can help.

Keep your momentum and register today for our 2014 Annual Conference. Scheduled for
Aug. 3-6, 2014 in San Diego, CA, this three-day conference is our biggest event of the year. We hope you’ll join us.