We are proud to announce that our company was ranked #3 in San Diego Business Journal’s “2015 Healthiest Companies Awards!” The awards recognize local companies that integrate wellness programs into the workplace and make their employees’ health a priority. We’re proud to be #3 in San Diego and to have consistently ranked in the top five for the past four years.

2015 HealthiestCos Award3

We place a high value on creating health and wellness programs that benefit our 100+ employees. With our Balanced Lifestyle program that is focused on “Helping Employees Live Life Better,” we want to support a healthy balance between career, home and personal wellness for our staff.

Here are some reasons why CFS/SPF is one of the “Healthiest Companies”:

  • Each year, we build a theme for the coming year based on the top risk factors we see from employees’ biometric screening results. This year we are focused on nutrition, physical fitness, stress, and preventative diseases. Throughout the year we address each topic with fun events, educational programs, reading materials, expert guest speakers, and more. And perhaps most uniquely, our program is integrated into our benefits plans to incentivize engagement. Participants receive free biometric screenings, a personalized health report and a discount on their medical insurance premium!
  • Our DreamBuilder program is a 12-month initiative in which employees receive personal coaching from our Learning and Development Director. They set and achieve goals as they seek to create more balance and success in their personal and professional lives. Participants initially develop a list of 25 personal and professional short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and then work to make progress toward them.
  • We have wellness champions at all levels at CFS, from senior management to our volunteer employee council. Not only does our management team support our initiatives, but they also lead activities like Mud Runs, beach volleyball tournaments, and bike-to-work days. They work out alongside employees and love to team up on nutrition and fitness challenges! Meanwhile, our volunteer employee council organizes healthy perks such as fresh produce deliveries, 6-week onsite workout challenges with a trainer, flu shots, blood pressure readings and education, stress-reduction training and more.

The milestones we’ve seen employees achieve since we started our health and wellness program several years ago have been so gratifying and inspiring. Several team members have run their first marathon, eliminated their need for medications, and some have even lost more than 100 pounds!

Being continually recognized for the Healthiest Companies award means a lot to us; it proves that our efforts to nurture health and wellness are successful. We’re proud to say that our office environment not only promotes a healthy body, but also a healthy state of mind. We look forward to providing our employees with the motivation, resources and support they need to fully achieve what’s important to them.

By CFS Blog Team