Current Openings

Developing and supporting successful financial investment programs requires diverse talents from many dedicated people with varying skill sets. As a national broker dealer and Registered Investment Adviser serving the nation's premier credit unions and their members in multiple locations around the United States, we have many different opportunities to fit your career goals and to serve the needs of our customers.

CFS is expanding, and we are currently seeking additional back office employees as well as licensed financial advisors. We are looking for the right people to help build the success of the investment programs and to support our clients.

To find a list of available positions and an online application form, please click one of the two links below, depending on whether you are interested in working at the credit unions or as support in our headquarters operation.

Opportunities at Financial Institutions

Check out our latest openings at our Financial Insitutions throughout the U.S.
Please click here to view our current openings.

Opportunities at CFS Headquarters

Check out our latest openings at our home office in San Diego, California.
Please click here to view our current openings.

We Believe in a Balanced Lifestyle

CFS believes in promoting healthy lifestyle choices and assisting our employees to achieve a Balanced Lifestyle. Our Balanced Lifestyle Program is voluntary; however, achieving a certain level of involvement results in a medical insurance premium discount.

Program includes company paid annual biometric screenings and health risk assessments, monthly challenges and/or activities, free webinars, articles and tools to achieve balance. All employees are provided with a guide about the program upon hire.

Helping Employees Live Life Better!