A Letter From the CEO

Valorie Seyfert

Founders LetterSince 1996, when CFS was established, we've worked hard to develop a program that offers a full range of investment services flexible enough to meet the needs of any credit union. One of the early decisions we made regarding the structure of our company has contributed significantly to our success.

Rather than operating as an LLC or a corporation, we chose to operate as a limited partnership, offering credit unions the opportunity to team with us by taking an ownership position. Nearly one quarter of our credit union clients have become limited partners; their insights and opinions are solicited and considered as we develop new and innovative products and services. This provides us with a huge competitive advantage, since we learn directly from those we serve exactly what their needs are, and it serves well even those CUs which are not partners, as many of your needs are the same.

CFS is a strong, financially stable company with the pedigree and focus to work with you over the long term. We have been profitable consistently for more than 15 years.

  • We specialize in financial institutions, helping to create a more secure financial future for your credit union and your members through investment programs.
  • We work with your executive management to implement proven "keystone" components-awareness, integration and credibility - to ensure your program's success.
  • We offer a full range of services that help our credit union customers grow non-interest income and compete in the marketplace on a level playing field. We bring together the right mix of people, training, technology, marketing and reliable back office support.
  • We continue to advance our programs and support services with enhanced sales coaching and analysis to help our advisors focus on what they do best-serving their investment clients.
  • We have expanded our product offerings, efficiency systems and technology tools to support retirement services, wealth management, fee-based advisory, and insurance products, for both individuals and business customers.

As our company has grown, we've added new personnel, branches and services. However, our core values have remained the same, as has our mission to structure investment programs that add value to our credit union clients, allowing you to provide a higher level of service to your members.

We look forward to talking with you further to show you how your investment program can be better than you ever expected!


Valorie Sayfert
Valorie Seyfert
President and CEO