Sophisticated Marketing Resources to Support
Your Program

CFS provides a multitude of marketing support resources for your investment program. Whether it's client-facing modules, a shared repository of peer-produced marketing materials, strategic program analysis and planning, or ready-to-use workshop templates, CFS has all of the content to get your team up and running quickly. We serve as an extension of your marketing team.

The following is an overview of our marketing offerings:

Financial Management Center (FMC)

The FMC is a client-facing, integrated investment assessment and referral tool that is accessed via a link on your credit union's website. When your member accesses the FMC link, he or she will be prompted to answer a short series of questions used to generate a high level financial "snapshot" of where they stand in relation to the achievement of various investment objectives. Online visitors who engage the self-evaluation tool request investment advisor follow-up calls and appointments at double the rate of more traditional direct mail campaigns. Click here for more details.

Marketing Exchange

The Marketing Exchange is a repository of shared marketing content. It is full of compliance reviewed materials created by other successful programs across the country. Advisors have all the tools they need to create full marketing campaigns at their fingertips. From newsletter content, to flyer and mailer templates, press release samples, or workshop templates, your team will have instant access to best practices and content examples from their peers. Click here for more details.

Program Development Portal

The Program Development Portal contains the tools and resources needed to differentiate your investment program from the competition and reach higher levels of service and profitability. It is your one-stop-shop for strategy, research, training and products that can help take your program to the next level of success. Click here for more details.