Marketing Exchange and Program Development Portal: Leverage the Success of Experts

CFS is committed to partnering with credit unions and building a community that evolves based on shared best practices. We know if your investment department succeeds, we succeed, and we are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. That includes connecting your program with other non-competing credit unions across the country and providing your team with the training, tools, and resources needed to differentiate your program.

Marketing Exchange

The CFS Marketing Exchange is a collective knowledge base you can access for marketing ideas, materials and support. It is full of compliance reviewed materials created by other successful investment programs.

Your investment team can access all the tools they need to create full marketing campaigns, including:

  • Newsletter content
  • Flyer and mailer templates
  • Press release samples
  • Workshop templates
  • Strategies and best practices

The Marketing Exchange also provides news updates on products, regulatory compliance changes, and opportunities that give your advisors a competitive edge.

Program Development Portal

The CFS Program Development Portal is your one-stop-shop for strategy, research, training and products that can help take your program to the next level of success. We pride ourselves on providing the tools and resources needed to differentiate your investment programs from the competition and help you reach higher levels of service and profitability.

The Program Development Portal includes:

  • Program assessment and strategic planning
  • Personalized AUM and production analysis
  • Age based and life stage demographic research
  • Core product offerings, designed to enhance efficiencies
  • Educational and awareness workshops
  • Marketing samples designed to increase awareness
  • Sales and coaching support

Whether it's a shared repository of marketing materials or the resources to build your investment program to higher levels of success, CFS is your steadfast partner. Contact Us to learn why credit unions across the country depend on us for our expertise, service and focused support.