Investment Products and Services that Meet the Needs of Your Members

CFS provides investment advisors with an array of investment options to satisfy the needs and risk tolerances of all members. With members requiring access to more varied and sophisticated investment products such as managed accounts and alternative investments, it is important to work with a broker dealer that can meet those needs. In contrast to the more narrow or proprietary product options offered by some broker dealers, CFS ensures a broad array of non-proprietary products and services including multiple investment selections.

Financial Planning

CFS offers several options for providing financial planning and asset allocation services using an online fully integrated financial planning tool that enables advisors to pull data, deliver and save financial plans directly into dataVISION®.

CFS advisors use planning software to ensure client meetings and reviews are organized and thorough. These goal-based applications help your investment clients understand how their current portfolio compares to their stated goals. Advisors can present questions across a variety of modules and then use the member's answers to create a clear and logical financial "road map" with action-oriented recommendations to help them reach their investment goals. A professional and customized financial plan can be created in just minutes. Available modules include: asset allocation, retirement accumulation, college planning, needs in the event of death, long-term care needs, and disability needs.

Full-Service Brokerage

CFS offers traditional brokerage products and services including stocks, bonds, options, unit investment trusts, REITs, mutual funds and fixed and variable life and annuity products.

Advisors evaluate the needs, risk tolerance, financial profile and objectives of the member and make appropriate recommendations. This approach includes an evaluation of both the member's insurance and investment needs. For general securities transactions (stocks) registered representatives have the option of choosing from two full service commission schedules, traditional and full service discount.

Bond Trading and Fixed Income Support

Our bond desk offers a full menu of debt products including Municipals, Corporates, UITs, Treasuries, Agencies, Mortgages, Structured CDs and Notes and Commercial Paper.

CFS also has integrated the Municenter platform into dataVISION® allowing advisors to access fixed income inventory from thousands of offerings and hundreds of dealers, real time and online. Advisors can also generate excellent client ready proposals and analysis of fixed income portfolios for member presentations. In addition, CFS has experienced traders available to advisors for assistance in finding fixed income products, help with constructing portfolios, consultation and guidance.

Customers Can View Consolidated Account Information

CFS offers all investing clients the ability to access a consolidated view of their accounts, whether self-advisory, full service or insurance products through our My Portfolio View® ("MPV") system. MPV can be accessed by the customer online through a link on the credit union's website. CFS provides a unique solution to position your credit union as a leading provider in all delivery channels to further position you as the preferred financial institution with your customers.