Meet the Needs of Small Business Members

At CFS, we recognize that working with small business owners is an important part of a credit union's growth strategy, so we have developed several program offerings tailored to these key customers. Small businesses face unique financial challenges: providing retirement savings options for a small group of employees, protecting the future of the business through key man insurance, ensuring a smooth transition through buy/sell agreements between partners, long-term care of founders, and business succession planning. Our small business specialists work to inform, educate and support you on the appropriate choices for business members who may need to put various plans in place. Below are several of our small business offerings:

401K Your Way

A cost-sensitive 401K program, designed specifically for small businesses, 401K Your Way offers more than 50 mutual fund families from which employers and employees can choose. It offers a low cost of administration, with no front- or back-end sales charges. 401K Your Way is easier to administrate because it is a totally online solution that facilitates fast online set-up, census, and payroll processing, as well as statements and reports at any time. This is a great offering for regional or local credit unions to offer to their own employees, and to offer to your members who own businesses.

Business Succession Planning

Many small business owners don't know where to start in planning for business succession from a financial planning perspective. If there are no family members who desire to work in the business, what happens to the business if the owner dies or is unable to continue? We train advisors on how to help business members plan for this situation.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Buy/Sell agreements are typically put in place as buyout contracts between business partners. Once members have worked with an attorney to determine the types of events that might trigger a buyout, such as death, disability or a partner's desire to leave a business, business owners may require a plan for funding the agreement for when the buy/sell event is triggered.

Key Person Insurance

In some cases, it may not be just the business owners who are key to the success of the business. Replacing those key people can be costly. Businesses can take out an insurance policy on the life or health of key individuals to help compensate for the loss or extended disability of that person.. A well structured key person policy can assist in offsetting costs incurred in hiring temporary assistance or recruiting a good replacement.

Long-term Care

Long term care insurance can often be made available to groups at lower rates. Our insurance specialists can help advisors find the right offerings for small business groups.