eVISION: Technology for Self-directed Trading

CUSO Financial Service's self-directed electronic trading platform, eVISION®, is designed for the internet-savvy, do-it-yourself member. It is effective as a "starter" program for credit unions not ready to establish a full investment program, or as an addition to an already robust and successful program. The member-facing module can be customized to match the look and feel of your credit union's website for a seamless and comfortable user experience for the individual investor.

eVISION allows members to place their own stock, option and mutual fund transactions at discounted commission rates. Your members will get the latest technology in online investment portfolio management and tracking with free 24/7 access and the information they need to make the best decisions to meet financial goals.

eVISION enables members to:

  • Buy and sell stocks, including short sells and buys to cover short sells
  • Manage mutual funds
  • Access our Portfolio Tracker and receive stock and news alerts based on their criteria
  • Customize the homepage based on personal preferences
  • Leverage a simplified and expanded option strategies trading screen
  • Get one-click access to trading screens and real-time stock and option quotes from our permanent quick quote bar

Even more important, the eVISION platform helps introduce online investors, who are comfortable with technology and online banking processes, to other core product and services offered, including your credit union's investment services.

Easy, informed investment strategies are just a click away. Contact Us today for a demo.

eVISION® is a registered trademark of CFS. Extreme market volatility and trade volume may affect system access and execution. Complete pricing schedule available online.