Planning Software Enhances Client Experience

The biggest questions members face in pursuit of their investment goals are whether or not they are saving enough, if their money is allocated correctly, and if not, what they can do. Among the many tools we provide for planning, CFS provides two robust tools to help advisors answer some specific questions: MoneyGuidePro® goal-based planning tool and Albridge Wealth Reporting technologies.


MoneyGuidePro is a formal analysis tool to assess a client's financial situation with an interview-style interface and presentation-ready results. The interview-style questions take the emotion out of difficult, but critical topics of discussion such as life insurance and survivor needs so advisors, and members themselves, can accurately and realistically assess their financial situation. MoneyGuidePro is a goal-based application, helping clients understand how their current portfolio compares to their stated goals. Based on these goals, advisors can customize the modules and deliver a professional financial plan in minutes.

MoneyGuidePro Key Features

  • Asset allocation
  • Retirement accumulation
  • College calculator
  • Health care SMART goal feature
  • Needs in the event of death (ie, Life Insurance)
  • Long-term care needs
  • Disability needs

Increase Client Assets Under Management

MoneyGuidePro will sync with CFS's dataVISION® and import existing client portfolio information. This reduces chance for data-entry errors and allows advisors to deliver net worth and holdings statements showing total holdings to each client. Our advisors report that discussing the overall net worth snapshot created by MoneyGuidePro often helps them uncover other assets held by their clients.

Protect Against Liability

By syncing with dataVISION, Profiles MoneyGuidePro also provides a historical record and audit trail of an advisor's due diligence, providing protection against liability.

Albridge Solutions, Inc.

Tools from Albridge Solutions, Inc. provide enhanced data management and wealth reporting solutions to advisors. Albridge's technology consolidates member account data from hundreds of disparate sources - proprietary, banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, trusts, and others - to provide advisors with an accurate and more complete view of their clients' holdings. By integrating these solutions with our account management platform dataVISION®, we enhance efficiencies for advisors.

Two versions of the service are available to advisors, both including the comprehensive "Portfolio Snapshot" report - a tool that represents a combination of the most frequently used reports generated for a specific time period selected by the advisor.

Albridge Solutions Key Features

  • A Portfolio Summary
  • Portfolio Performance by Account
  • Portfolio Value and Benchmark Information
  • Asset Allocation graphs depicting portfolio holdings for both Asset Allocation by Investment Objective and Asset Allocation by Asset Type

Other advisor and client-facing reports and tools offered include compliance reports, navigational tools, data entry tools, portfolio holdings, investor transactions and a centralized control center.

Of course, as is the case with other important productivity tools offered through CFS, the Albridge Wealth Reporting is fully integrated into the dataVISION® platform such that all final reports can be saved to client contact records and delivered to and shared with clients via secure means.

As a broker dealer, CFS embraces advanced technologies that further upgrade the service we can offer our credit union customers. We focus on advancements that increase efficiency, enhance trust and meet compliance guidelines to make our advisors' jobs easier and more productive. Tools like MoneyGuidePro and Albridge Wealth Reporting allow us to do just that. Contact Us to today to learn more about these valuable tools.