We had an outstanding 2014 CFS/SPF Annual Conference that was truly “Powered by Passion.” More than 650 attendees gained the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to thrive in today’s complex investment environment. With nearly 60 unique breakout sessions and more than 30 different exhibitors, the conference showcased some of the best minds in the investment services industry. Keynote presenters included world-ranked leadership expert Mark Sanborn; swimming legend Diana Nyad; and noted political strategist Greg Valliere.

Check out some of the top takeaways from the conference.

  • 200 Keynote minutes
  • 3,350 Breakout minutes
  • 720 Networking minutes
  • 38 Exhibitors 

Top Takeaways

Conference attendees shared their top takeaways from the 2014 Conference, and they could all be grouped in three overarching themes: growing understanding and usage of products and tools; using the three pillars to enhance your practice; and the power of your personal attitude. 

Expand your understanding and use of products, tools and support

You can’t be more for your clients or do more for their portfolios without fully embracing the products, tools and support at your disposal. Whether focused on learning more about financial or business planning, investment and insurance products, marketing and promotion, compliance or dataVISION productivity, attendees expanded their knowledge of the products, tools and support available to them through CFS and SPF. 

Use the three pillars – branch, book, and marketing – to enhance your practice

It’s all about branch, book and marketing. From improving collaboration with and referrals from branches, to focusing on deepening relationships with top clients, to using seminars and client events to market your services, the three pillars are the fundamental foundation to growing your business. 

You are “powered by passion” and your personal attitude is valuable

Your personal attitude drives your day-to-day business, and regularly tapping into your passion is key to amplifying your success. Whether you focus on being the CEO of your business, being the “Fred,” or never giving up, your personal attitude plays a powerful role in motivating you to success.

By CFS Blog Team